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IconQ - Browse and shop the Icon Q Collection of Wireless Bluetooth Earphones, Headphones and Speakers, Android Tablets and Qi Mobile Wireless Charging Accessories.

Online Minimum Advertised Price Policy


For the purposes of growth and positive exposure of Icon Q and Joha ( "Brands"), Icon Q Corporation ("Company") has unilaterally adopted a Minimum Advertised Price Policy ("MAP Policy"). Icon Q Corporation has established this MAP Policy in order to uphold the investment of its high-quality dealers and the reputation of its Brands. 

Any resellers ("Dealer") purchasing the Brands for the purposes of marketing and distributing in the USA and other territories reached via Online, whether through its own website or through e-commerce platforms and affiliate programs, agrees to advertise the Brands products according to this MAP Policy online as well as any nationally printed fliers and e-mail blasts. Icon Q Corporation, in its unilateral discretion, will not do business with any resellers, as to the products covered by this MAP Policy, if that reseller intentionally advertises any MAP Product below its MAP price. 

All dealers are encouraged to follow the aforementioned MSRP guidelines. In the circumstance that products, which are not listed with MAP pricing on the Icon Q website, are bought and sold on online channels, dealers should follow the Company published MSRP with a flexibility of 5% promotions.

The Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price ("MSRP") is posted on the company website, at www.geticonq.com/online-minimum-advertised-price-policy, as is distributed to direct Dealer on Company Order Forms and will be periodically adjusted by the Company as needed based on market conditions. 

The Dealers are encouraged to follow the MSRP guidelines with flexibility of 5% promotions from the Company published MSRP in the form of short term promotions of 15 to 30 days once every 120 days.

Any Dealer violating this MAP Policy will be contacted directly by the Company to cease and desist, and or the Company will submit formal complaint to the e-commerce platform provider to delist the Dealer in violation of this MAP Policy. Persistent violators will have their Brands Product supply chain disrupted and all legal remedies will be utilized as additional enforcement actions. Any Dealer negatively impacted by violators are encouraged to report the violators to the Company in order for Company to take enforcement actions to keep order in the online and national market place. Company also pledges to keep its own online prices, as well as all other terms and conditions of this MAP Policy, and notify Dealers of changes to the policies to provide equitable marketing conditions to resell Brands products online as well as offline, brick and mortar store locations.


Last Updated: 03/01/2015

Icon Q Products

SKU Product Description MAP Price
QBH510-BLK Black Boundless H1 Bluetooth NFC Headphones $49
QBH510-SVR Silver Boundless H1 Bluetooth NFC Headphones $49
QBH510-WHT White Boundless H1 Bluetooth NFC Headphones $49
QBH530-BLK Black Boundless H3 Bluetooth NFC Headphones $99
QBH530-WHT White Boundless H3 Bluetooth NFC Headphones $99
QBS610-BLK Black Boundless S1 Bluetooth Speaker $29
QBS610-RED Red Boundless S1 Bluetooth Speaker $29
QBS610-SVR Silver Boundless S1 Bluetooth Speaker $29
QBS620-BLK Black Boundless S2 Bluetooth Speaker $59
QBS620-RED Black Boundless S2 Bluetooth Speaker $59
QBS620-SVR Black Boundless S2 Bluetooth Speaker $59
QBS630-BLK Black Boundless S3 Bluetooth Speaker $69
QBS630-RED Red Boundless S3 Bluetooth Speaker $69
QBS630-SVR Silver Boundless S3 Bluetooth Speaker $69
QBS640-BLK Black Boundless S4 Bluetooth Speaker $79
QBS640-WHT White Boundless S4 Bluetooth Speaker $79
QBS640-RED Red Boundless S4 Bluetooth Speaker $79
QBE710-BLK Black Boundless E1 Bluetooth Earphones $65
QBE710-SVR Silver Boundless E1 Bluetooth Earphones $65
QT7028 7" Dual Core 1GB RAM 8GB 800x480  $69
QT7848K 7" Quad Core with IPS Panel 1024x768 $149
QT9028K 9" Dual Core 1GB RAM 8GB 800x480 $99
QT1028K 10" Dual Core 1 GB RAM 8 GB 1024x600 $139
QT0720 7" Dual Core 1GB RAM 8GB 1024x600 OS 4.4 $69
QT0920 9" Dual Core 1GB RAM 8GB 1024x600 OS 4.4 $99